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Exhibition Dates

September 16th - October 22nd

Saturday and Sundays

Noon to 4pm by appointment

It's time for everyone's favorite season!

Hello and welcome to my autumntime exhibition as well as Gallery Athanor's one-year celebration! 

Mabon is one of the eight (8) Wheel of the Year celebrations! It officially became a Western pagan holiday in the 1970s, but has its roots in several ancient societies. Mabon traditionally falls somewhere around the fall equinox; depending on the calendar you use, it could be celebrated just for one day or even the whole month of September! Night and day are in balance with one another and find harmony as the final harvests are reaped in preparation for winter. This is a time of abundance and prosperity. As more and more people get left behind in the name of profits, now is the perfect chance to feed one another, build trust and community with one another, and create connection that provides safety and care.


Thank you for being a part of this journey with me and I look forward to seeing you!


Meet the artists

Nathaniel is a white person laying apon the ground and is looking to the right. His face is in profile. He has short brown hair and a close-shaven beard. A yellow flower sits about their cheek. He is wearing an orange button up and colorful jewelry.

Nathaniel Leibel (he/they) is a multi-disciplinary artist and founder of Nathaniel Leibel Designs (2016-current). Their works span intricate fuse beads to self-portraiture photography to mixed-media collage (and more)! Their designs center in bold colors and mixed materials and/or patterns. Play is an important concept in their work in the form of performance art in the woods to making bright smiley face pins out of fuse beads. They moved to the KCMO area in 2007 from the open country of SD. They are Queerly excited to share more of themselves as well as inspire others to join in the joy of art creation!

A photo of the artist Caro Carlisle. She is thin and white with an angular face. She has freckles, bright blue eyes, and rosy cheeks. Her hair is bleached platinum blonde and falls a little past her shoulders. She is smiling warmly at the camera.

Caro Carlisle's (any/all) work is about devotion in both a religious sense and an interpersonal/relational sense. They interested in that intense and deeply human desire to dedicate yourself to something: to connect with your humanity and mortality by truly feeling your smallness in the grand scheme of things and finding beauty in it.  Devotion is present in her work in its subject matter and in its saccharine and sentimental decorative qualities. He pulls from his own experiences and traumas growing up queer in the evangelical south while also finding inspiration in broader topics outside herself, namely old catholic art, cake decoration, marxist theory, queer history, religious asceticism, and ornamentation in all its glorious manifestations.


They primarily work in oil paint on panel. The history and the materiality of oil paint really makes it feel like a devotional practice. It is full of luxurious textures and tones and requires patience and care. Alongside his oil practice, she has been branching out into wood burning, dollhouse miniatures, printmaking techniques, and digital modeling software.

Black and white portrait photo of a white male with short, dirty blonde hair. He is wearing a black sweater and dark plaid tie.

Zack Yaw (he/him) graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art from UMKC with emphases in painting and printmaking. He lives in Kansas City where he works professionally as a firefighter and spends his free time turkey hunting and beaver trapping.

Bryan is a white man facing the camera directly. His portrait is in black and white. He has short dark hair and a close-shaved beard.

Bryan Boone (he/him) is an abstract artist and multidisciplinary designer living and working in Kansas City, MO. Born in Oklahoma in 1980, Boone has been captivated by architecture and the landscapes of our built environment from early in life. His work meditates on form and structure, contrasting hard edge, geometric design with organic layered effects, and subtle textures. By varying opacity, gloss, and grain, Boone creates dimensionality and shifting light and color effects in his paintings.

A black and white headshot of an androgynous individual looking to the right of the camera. He has an oversized camouflage shirt, thin rimmed glasses, and shoulder length dark hair.

Piper Dorsey (he/she) was born in 2001 in Nashville, Tennessee. He will receive his B.F.A. in Sculpture from the Kansas City Art Institute in 2024. Dorsey currently lives and works in Kansas City, Missouri. He has recently exhibited work in Low Hanging Fruit (2023), at Agnes Arts, as well as That Wasn't My Chair After All (2023), and Don't Call Us, We'll Call You (2022), at the Kansas City Art Institute. Dorsey utilizes everyday objects to highlight and/or manipulate the relationship art has with its surroundings through materials, time, and craft. His work focuses on themes of repetition, patterns, and the fabrication of multiples. 

A headshot of Michela smiling as she looks directly into the camera. A snippet of the green top she is wearing can be seen as she sits in front of a tan background. She has on green eyeshadow and a pair of floral white earrings that hang from the gold earring hook on curl of hair can also be seen on the side of her face.  She has two rainbow hoop nose rings on her right nostril and an opal septum that is slightly turned to the left.

Mich'ela Crawford (she/they) is a self-taught artist, who specializes in creating acrylic, resin base artwork and home goods. They affirm everyone has their own unique beauty, and she hopes her artwork helps others feel empowered to express it in their own way! She uses art to help cope with depression, anxiety, and other struggles that come with mental health. Art empowers them to express and heal themself authentically. Their pieces are meant to affirm healing as a journey rather than a destination—and that you're not alone in your struggles. She believes everyone deserves a sense of belonging and community.


Their hope is that any piece purchased encourages you to embrace who you are and go after your own goals - whatever that may be! She wants her pieces to be something that can be used daily, to remind you that you are worth it because life is too short to live without color.

Kathryn is a white woman looking directly into the camera. She has a soft smile across her face. Her long blonde hair curls gently as she wears a pastle yellow hat. Her shirt is very floofy and black.

Kathryn Hogan (she/her) is a Kansas City-based painter who works in oils & multi-media to explore her unconventional upbringing and personal quest for identity. In 2022 after a 20+ year career in product design, environmental design & entrepreneurship, Kathryn has returned to her roots in fine art. A Kansas City Art Institute Donna Polseno scholarship award recipient & 2000 graduate, she most recently exhibited in the 2023 Weinberger Fine Art “Sexhibition: Rated Art XXX.”


As an adopted individual, Kathryn grappled with the scarcity of knowledge about her biological heritage, which further intensified her yearning for self-discovery. Lacking role models for normative female gender performance, she found herself drawn to exploring the profound impact of this absence on her own sense of identity. Through her work, Kathryn invites viewers to question societal constructs and their influence on individuality. Her thought-provoking works encourage introspection, inviting audiences to reconsider the boundaries of perception and the complexities of personal identity.

Tanith looks very stylish in a blak and white abstract button up with a black turtleneck underneath and a silver snake lady necklace. They are looking off to the right and their face is in a 3/4 position. Their hair is a bright blue with dark roots.

Tanith K (they/them) is a trans and disabled abstract artist and curator based in Kansas City, Missouri. They are a self-taught painter and designer. Tanith's creative process embraces organized chaos, mirroring the messy yet beautiful aspects of life. Since 2019, their art has been featured in various galleries like Lodger Arts and InterUrban ArtHouse. You can find their art hanging in homes across the United States and even reaching three continents. 


Not only an artist, but also as a curator, Tanith seeks to bridge the gap between traditional gallery experiences and personal art collections with Gallery Athanor. They aim to showcase KC artists of diverse backgrounds and artistic mediums through annual group exhibitions, emphasizing the intrinsic human experience and vibes of unique art that typically wouldn’t be shown together. Tanith wants artists to visualize their artwork as part of a home collection and for collectors to envision those works inside of their own homes.

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