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a conversation between Bryan Boone + Tanith K

Artists Bryan Boone and Tanith K Announce Collaborative Visual Art Show: “Matter + Perspective” Curation to Explore Perspective and The Human Experience of Community

Vulpes Bastille, Kansas City, November 3rd - 19th, 2023

Kansas City, MO – Kansas City-based artists Bryan Boone and Tanith K announce their collaborative visual art show delving into the intricate layers of the human condition. Titled "Matter + Perspective," this showcase intertwines Boone's conscientious compositions with Tanith's energetic analysis of emotions, resulting in a fusion of creativity and introspection. 


The exhibition will be held at Vulpes Bastille (1737 Locust Street) in Kansas City, MO from November 3rd to November 19th, 2023. Visit the gallery on Sundays 1-4pm or by appointment. Patrons are encouraged to engage with the art, witness the interplay between two distinct creative visions, and explore the sincere connections that bind us all. 


"Matter + Perspective" promises to be an enchanting visual journey into the human experience and provides an opportunity for viewers to immerse themselves in the captivating worlds crafted by Boone and Tanith. “We invite audiences to contemplate the intricacies of existence, celebrate diversity, and embrace the shared responsibility for communal well-being,” said Boone.


Boone's artistic process is centered around iterative design. Each work is a meditation of a core design developed during the drafting process allowing him to evolve his ideas and produce multiple versions. Through this deliberate repetition, Boone uncovers profound depths within his deceptively simple compositions, infusing them with a wealth of expression. 


In contrast, Tanith draws inspiration from the tapestry of human experiences, delving into a wide range of emotions including but not limited to grief, contentment, and frustration. Chaotic layers meld together in their compositions, encapsulating the raw intensity of living within an elegant and minimalistic framework. Through their art, Tanith seeks to unravel the mysteries of the human condition and our place within it.


Boone and Tanith approach their art from different perspectives, but both utilize their creations as a means of meditation and reflection. They weave intricate complexities and details into otherwise simplistic compositions. Remarkably, their individual methodologies lead them to a convergence where two seemingly contradictory truths can coexist harmoniously.


“Through deep conversations and shared experiences, we learned more about one another. We discovered that our artistry and advocacy work land on similar core principles. Just as our creative practices invite viewers to ponder multitudes within the lens of simplicity, our shared commitment to fostering a nurturing and inclusive society reflects the power of empathy and growth.” said Tanith.


When I sit down to paint, I envision a mood or a mindset. What am I feeling in this moment? I sit with that feeling to discover which colors are best suited for that mood. How does that emotion communicate with me the artist, the world around it, and with other pieces near it? These questions enable me to create layer upon layer and give them a clear focal point despite the chaos of their placement. Emotion is always the center of my work and sometimes it gets messy.


Matter + Perspective grew out of a shared passion for learning and growing from mistakes. My pieces are named for the seven steps of spiritual alchemy, a Medieval practice that utilizes the metaphor of alchemy to encourage the transformation of your spirit self into its most authentic form. It is a precursor to Carl Jung’s concepts of individuation and collective unconscious. The goal isn’t perfection; it is true authenticity. By embracing our true selves, we can wholly show up in the world.

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