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In-home gallery

I run and curate an in-home gallery from my own house. It is small, cozy, and intimate at only 11.5x18 feet. Modern art galleries provide vast open spaces, giving each piece plenty of room to breathe in minimalist harmony with one another. It is clean and organized and beautiful. My goal is to challenge that image. I want to blend the reality of "buy art I like and put it somewhere on the wall so that I can see it" (or keep it somewhere until you can put it up) with the feelings of pride, joy, contentment, happiness we all get when our favorite pieces are on display for ourselves and others to see. There is always room for art.

A photo of the exhibition space. A big area rug is on the floor with a couple tables and chairs spread throughout the space. + an electric piano and wall-mounted TV set.
A photo of the exhibition space. A big area rug is on the floor with a couple tables and chairs spread throughout the space.

Isn't she cozy?

Masks are required. This is non-negotiable regardless of Covid vaccine status.

Covid is still very much active. Part of my personal advocacy work is creating spaces in which disabled and immunocompromised folks are able to enjoy societal participation from a place of safety. As someone who now lives with LongCovid and has auto-immune issues (plus, I also live in the space where my gallery is), keeping exposure to the pandemic as minimal as possible not only keeps me and folks like me healthy, it also keeps those with stronger immune systems functioning at maximum capacity. In other words: everyone wins. I'll be right there wearing one with you. Due to the small size of my gallery space, most visitors take anywhere from 20-40 minutes to view the art, depending on their level of engagement.

Accessibility: There is street parking out front. Be mindful of my neighbors and community! There is a gentle incline made of bricks up to the front door + two steps to get into the house. You can sneak through the grass to avoid the first step. There are two doors 36 inches wide to enter the gallery space. The space itself is on a single level. All work is clearly labeled and a printed inventory sheet is available. The artwork will also be posted online for your viewing pleasure complete with screen reader capabilities. I do not know sign language, but if you require an interpreter, I'll get one for you. Please tell me in advance so that I have enough time to hire an interpreter!


I am one person who is also disabled. Your patience will go a long way.

Shows run for six (6) weekends, open on both Saturdays and Sundays from noon until 4pm by appointment. Sign up for my newsletter for in-box reminders of upcoming showings as well as open calls. Mabon Manifestations opens on September 16th, 2023! Hit the big button below to book your visit.

Interested in having your artwork displayed in my gallery?

Sign up for my newsletter to receive the first news of open calls!

Personal curation

I am a maximalist, sometimes a magpie. Most definitely a dragon sitting on a hoard of treasures and trinkets.


I love things! Every item I add to my little trove acts as a catalyst for conversation and community, and they can tell a bit about who I am. I firmly believe that the artworks, artisan goodies, and silly collectibles we enjoy are windows into our personhood. We can show off our personal aesthetics and likes through the power of the age-old practice of "show, don't tell." My services are part curation and part interior design. Let's work with what you have to create a space that you'll want to spend your time in!

"Behold! My stuff!"

- Executioner, Thor: Ragnarok

Art breathes life onto our walls and shelves. It displays who we are to those who take the time to look. Creating and buying art is such a human experience that connects us to our past, our present, and our future. Artists give us room to imagine a completely different world and tether that imagination to reality. We can escape to a fantasy land far away, give images to our spiritual practices, uplift our various communities and identities, and experience a vast array of emotions through the consumption of and participation in art. 

Much like with my gallery space, my goals as a personal curator are to not only help people organize and display their collected prints, paintings, poems, ceramics, and more with pride and joy, but also to help folks feel seen within the walls of their homes. I aim to help my clients wade through the overwhelming (and sometimes paralyzing) pile of choices and to curate a beautiful and fun maximalist in-home gallery of their own to enjoy and revel in!

A photo of Tanith's living room. The walls are a deep green and covered with art, mirrors, and knick-knacks. It is cozy and close without feeling clausterphobic.

My services can be summarized with:

  1. Personal collection consultation and exploration of aesthetic goals and curatorial needs.

  2. Education on the many ways to curate your at-home collections, and how to become an artwork collector or patron of your favorite artists.

  3. Introduction to art styles and local artists who suit your own personal tastes.

  4. Interior design utilizing pieces you already own.

  5. Digital curation of your collection. If local to Kansas City, I will also install your collection as well as rearrange your furniture to a predetermined layout.

If you are interested in having me curate space in your home or to be a guest curator in your own gallery space, fill out my Contact Form to start a conversation with me! There we can discuss timeline, budget and costs, needs, and more. I look forward to meeting you and getting to know your collections!

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