curatorial services

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I am a maximalist. Or a magpie. Both are accurate.


I think the art, bobbles, knick-knacks, cool rocks, fun photos and more that are in my house give my visitors insight into who I am as a person. I want you to know what I like, the things I enjoy, what stuff brings me joy through that special Hollywood magic of show, don't tell. I firmly believe that artwork on walls is meant to be inviting and enticing; I want you to spend time and sneak more than a peek! 

Our homes are sacred spaces, providing safety and comfort for us and our chosen families. Many folks will spend years buying and collecting art, but have no idea how to even begin putting their works on display. Art breathes life onto our walls and shelves. It shows off who we are to those who dare to look. Creating and buying art is such a human experience, connecting us with our ancestors, our present, and our future. Before we could speak, we could make. 

My goals as a personal curator are to not only help people organize and display their collected prints, paintings, poems, ceramics, and more with pride and joy, but also to help folks feel seen within the walls of their homes. I aim to help my clients wade through the overwhelming (and sometimes paralyzing) pile of choices and to curate a beautiful and fun maximalist in-home gallery for their enjoyment

My work entails many services, but can be summarized with:

  1. Collection consultations and exploration of goals, wants, and curatorial needs.

  2. Education on the many ways to curate your at-home collections, and how to become an artwork collector or patron of your favorite artists.

  3. Introduction to art styles and local creators who suit your own personal tastes.

  4. Curation and installation of your collection.