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Gallery Athanor

Gallery Athanor in 2023

Gallery Athanor is a private in-home alternative art space and curatorial project! I opened in fall 2022. It is cozy and intimate at a whopping ~200 square feet. My curatorial style is unconventionally balanced, finding unheard conversations and unique foundations between artists, their art, and each other. I love a full-grid gallery wall with a gentle touch of informal composition. I pull from my values as an art collector myself as well as my personal practice as an artist whenever I curate. I crave visual interest and maximalism delivers.


My goal for Gallery Athanor is to create an alternative art space that reflects casual collections and real-world art displays found in homes, as well as transform traditional barriers that often bar artists from entering into pre-determined art circles. This ambition is reflected in the gallery's name. An athanor is a legendary if not outright mythical, alchemical furnace that is able to hold the perfect steady temperature necessary for transmutation. Through consistency, patience, and care, elements transform into something entirely different and new. 

A wide-angle view of the gallery space. You can see the mural on the door of a fancy alchemical formula with some neat house decorations nearby. There is a small seating area in the back corner of the room.
A wide-angle view of the gallery space from the front door. There is a small seating area to the left of frame and a plant arrangement + table on the far side of the room.

A very empy gallery space and a brand new vibe for 2024.

I aim to reflect actual collector practices through a wide range of accessible pricing, styles, and mediums. I want to introduce collectors to artists they might not have met otherwise and I want to give artists an opportunity to witness their works on the walls of a house and as part of a (albeit short-lived) collection. 

I have three (3) exhibitions a year, each with its own open call. Shows run six (6) weekends on Saturdays and Sundays, noon to 4pm by appointment. I hope patrons can find space to breathe during this private moment and give themselves the time they want to experience with these temporary collections. Consider signing up for the gallery newsletter to get exhibition news delivered right into your inbox!

Gallery Athanor is committed to working with artists at all stages of their careers whatever their skill levels or backgrounds.  Authenticity, passion, and a desire for growth are valued well over pedigree. Nothing is more punk than the destruction of hierarchies and finding the beauty in the collective. 

Masks are highly recommended. Community care is sexy.

While I have taken precautions with HEPA filters, covid is still very much happening. I am permanently disabled due to a covid infection in 2020. Thank you for respecting my home and my person.

Accessibility: There is street parking out front. Be mindful of my neighbors and community! There is a gentle incline made of bricks up to the front door + two steps to get into the house. There are two doors 36 inches wide to enter with a step up into the gallery. The space itself is on a single level. All work is clearly labeled and a printed inventory is available. The artwork will also be posted online for your viewing pleasure complete with screen reader capabilities. I am one person who is disabled. Your patience will go a long way.

Interested in having your artwork displayed in my gallery?

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