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a small maximalist gathering of decor sits center frame atop a stack of coffee-table art books. A 3D printed clawed black hand with golden fingers holds a Gallery Athanor business card. It is surrounded by a couple fake plants, an obsidian pyramid, a black votive candle, and a small ceramic by @seanponder (my neighbor!). Several blurred paintings are hanging on the wall.
2023 MM Website.jpg

Exhibition opens Saturday 9/16 through Sunday 10/22.

Celebrate a year of Gallery Athanor!

Recent News:

Mabon Manifestations opens on Saturday September 16th. Get all the details on the Exhibition page. Celebrate a whole year of Gallery Athanor with me!

Catch my collaboration with abstract artist Bryan Boone, Matter + Perspective, this November at Vulpes Bastille! Details to be released soon.

Don't forget to pick up a copy of core. when you visit the gallery!

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