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Meet the Artist

Tanith K (they/them) is a trans, disabled abstract artist and maximalist curator living and working in their hometown of Kansas City, Missouri with a black cat named Kenzie. They are a self-taught painter, graphic designer, and gallery curator with a background in historical research and tech. Since childhood, they have been curious about the hows and the why people are as they are. What makes us tick? Where do we develop our thought processes? How can someone be simultaneously hypervisible and deliberately invisible? 

Tanith’s art reflects upon their personal trans, queer, and disabled experiences as well as the exploration of the general Human Condition. Philosophy, history, emotions, current events, and more inform their work throughout the creative process. As famously put by everyone’s favorite green boy: “Ogres have layers,” and so do we.

Tanith plays with organized chaos. Just like life, it is messy, fun, mind-boggling, and beautiful. Each layer builds upon the next to create a whole and no piece is complete without them. They aim to capture the struggle and joy of living authentically in a world that demands manufactured personalities and one-dimensionality. Their methods include acrylic and digital paints to create abstract works with a focus on color, texture, shape, and movement.

Photo: a self-portrait.

Tanith looks very stylish in a blak and white abstract button up with a black turtleneck underneath and a silver snake lady necklace. They are looking off to the right and their face is in a 3/4 position. Their hair is a bright blue with dark roots.

Since 2019, Tanith’s artwork has been featured at InterUrban ArtHouse, Lodger Arts, and The Smalter Gallery. Their art is in multiple homes across the United States and lives on three separate continents. They have collaborated with St Louis poet Waleska Font (she/her), Kansas City muralist Jared Horman (he/him), and Oklahoman abstract artist Bryan Boone (he/him). They were a guest on Open the Doors Coaching's podcast Keep Them Coming to chaotically and lovingly discuss transness with fellow ADHDer and certified sex coach Kristen Thomas. They served on the Board and as Vice-President of local arts non-profit No Divide KC between 2020 and 2022, an organization that amplifies queer stories and voices through both visual mediums and performance. Community and collaboration inspire Tanith in all parts of their life.

The background is a soft blend of dark green and blue with white splatters. There are three curvy sections that have black, gold, and white layered in that order. Two yellow opaque splatters are underneath a textured red S-shaped platte knife stroke. There is some black, white, and yellow details in the red stroke. A white triangle hugs the red stroke closely.
A river of red twists and turns across a plaster landscape of black, white, and gold. A gold triangle envelopes the river. The text: ("Death isn't Real" yet she still lies six feet underground.) twists through the red.

Metallurgy (2022)

Acrylic, water, glue on canvas, 14x18 inches

Kumariawa Through The Broken Glass (2022)

Acrylic, paint pens, and plaster on canvas. 9x12 inches

Tanith is available for artist talks and panels, trans and queer discussions, as well as personal curation services and art commissions.  Sign up for their monthly newsletter or follow them on Instagram for gallery updates. Follow them on Pinterest to get curation ideas and fun maximalist inspo. Click the buttons below to learn more.

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