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Photo: Ji Stribling (they/them)


My name is Tanith K.  My pronouns are they/them.

I'm a white, trans/nonbinary, fat, disabled, bi-con currently living in Kansas City, Missouri. It's a pleasure to meet you!

Creating and collecting art is such a human experience - connecting us with our ancestors, our present, and our future. Before we could speak, we could make. 

My art is reflective of a trans/queer experience and the emotional exploration of the human condition. I reflect on how I can be both hyper-visible and deliberately invisible to so many people. It's complex, filled to the brim with contradictions - known and unknown. I aim to capture the struggle and joy of living authentically with nuance in a world that demands manufactured authenticity and one-dimensionality. My visual works include acrylic and digital paints to create abstract works with a focus on color, texture, shape, and movement.


I am a self-taught painter and graphic designer. While I have a background as a historian and educator, my journey towards identity inspired me to pursue the arts in my hometown of Kansas City.

The local art scene is filled to the brim with an incredible desire to create and change, and the queer community is bursting with history, connectivity, and a push against the status quo as we make an inclusive and safe space for all identities. It is an absolute joy and pleasure to spend time with these local artists. 


My work has been featured at InterUrban ArtHouse, Jones Gallery, and Lodger Arts. As a personal curator, my goals are to not only help people organize and display their collected prints, paintings, poems, ceramics, and more with pride and joy, but also to help folks feel seen within the walls of their homes. I coordinate with art lovers to curate collections that fit their aesthetic as well as work with galleries on exhibits with the artist in mind. I aim to help my clients wade through the paralyzing pile of choices, and I want to curate a beautiful and fun in-home gallery of their own. 


Follow me on Instagram @galleryathanor for fun social media delights. Sign up for my newsletter to get Gallery Athanor news delivered right into your inbox! Interested in curatorial services, abstract prints, or custom commissioned art such as murals, canvas, or digital works? Fill out the form on my Contact page! I will never share your email with third parties and you can unsubscribe at any time. I appreciate your desire to keep up with me and my art!

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