Meet the artists

Their work will be on display from September 17th to November 6th, Saturdays and Sundays 12-4pm by appointment. Book your visit here. View their art in the shop!


Jonathan Virginia Green (he/him) is a visual artist from Tulsa, Oklahoma who has recently relocated his practice to Kansas City, Missouri. He uses his art to explore mechanisms of desire, pleasure, and transformation that are oriented within his experience as a queer transgender male.


As a strategy to queer the medium of painting, Green’s work synthesizes the aesthetics of painting and lifestyles of leather sexuality. As practices, they are both driven by aesthetics, fetishize material, and can be physically and/or psychologically transformative for their participants. He graduated from the University of Tulsa with a BFA in Painting in 2011. From 2017 to 2019, Jonathan served in a voluntary position as the Art Gallery Director for Oklahomans for Equality, an LGBTQ+ advocacy organization in Tulsa, Oklahoma. In 2022 he received his MFA from the University of Arkansas where he was awarded a Graduate Fellowship.

Tanya Siedina.jpg

Tanya Siedina (she/her) is a Ukrainian artist and abstract painter. She uses color to convey her opposing optimism and heartache for Ukraine. Her personal experience as an immigrant pushes her to share her deepest memories of her homeland. In particular, she wishes to bring more attention to the current war in Ukraine and provide tangible assistance to her people. In the same way, it is easy to go through our day without thinking deeply, it is easy to look at her work and see it as simple and beautiful. Her work is a call to action and a symbol of the pain we do not choose to see.


Mich'ela Crawford (she/her) is a Kansas City-based self-taught artist. Paint pouring started out as something to do for fun during quarantine and has grown into something bigger than just a hobby.


Every painting is a direct reflection of who she is at her core. It empowers her to express and heal herself authentically. Investing in her art is a way to pour into your own soul. her hope is that any piece purchased encourages you to embrace who you are and go after your own goals - whatever that may be!


Heidi Schultz (she/her) has been working in clay for 20 years having gotten a BFA from Northwest Missouri State University in 2004 and an MFA from Kent State University in 2007. Heidi has taught art at the college level for eleven years and maintains a studio in the West Bottoms of KCMO. Her work explores Buddhism through a personal lens.


Bryan Boone (he/him)  is an artist and designer living and working in Kansas City, MO. Born in Oklahoma, he has been captivated by architecture and the landscapes of our built environment since early in life. Today, Boone works in various media exploring modern structures, systems, and our relationships with them. He is an active member of the art community and pre-qualified public artist in his native Oklahoma City.


Aphra Evans (she/fae)  -- who is she? An Atlanta tumbleweed-trashbag blown to Kansas City, Kansas from the South-- vampire, wood nymph, whore, divine? Artist. She likes making art and hopes very much you like the art she makes.


Waleska Font (she/her) is a Venezuelan multidisciplinary international artist, poet, cultural promoter, and educator. Waleska has performed spoken word since 2015, sharing her poetry in Mexico, Venezuela, and USA. Her most important presentations include the Exhibition in commemoration of the international day against homophobia by the Government of the State of Mexico, the 2nd Annual Kansas City Queer Narratives Festival, and Show Me Kansas City Pride 2021. Her work explores the limitations of bilingualism, sexuality, culture, and identity, focusing on mythology and symbolism. Waleska is currently the Vice President of No Divide Kansas City and a sponsored artist for Poetry for Personal Power.


Tanith K (they/them) is a self-taught painter, graphic designer, and curator from Kansas City. While they have a background as a historian and educator, their journey towards identity inspired them to pursue the arts with works in homes in the USA, Japan, and Australia. They focus on texture, layering, movement,  and color to bring organized chaos to canvas as they explore the nuances, burdens, and joys of gender, sexuality, and being alive. Their art has been featured at InterUrban ArtHouse, Jones Gallery, and Lodger Arts. They own an in-home gallery and offer private curation services to help organize and display the art collections people already have.