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The Celestial Whores Project

The Celestial Whores Project finds its heart in the tradition of female and non-binary deities. Many of their myths surround those born without a penis or expanding their self beyond their genitalia as what defines their identity — some by chance and some by translations disguised as tradition.

The erasure of non-male deities obliges us to highlight them and those who embody their energy. The visual art inspired in the poems have reinforced this idea with triangles — an ancient symbol indicative of masculine energy, power, progression, purpose, and connection to the divine. They direct the eye and soul to its meant focus, connecting the Beyond with the Here.

Taking the anger caused by the suppression of bodily autonomy, we’ve molded poetry and pigments together to facilitate control and healing. The color red became our anchor, embodying our rage, love, passion, and blood — blood that was given through the beauty of creation and spilt through violent encounters.

We hope that you enjoy this project and find it as cathartic as we have. It has been an immense pleasure collaborating and creating a space in which we connect with our ancestors, root ourselves in the now, and imagine a different and better future that embodies the nuance, joy, and differences that make being human divine.

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